The strategic goals of the PROFI TRADE management and team are related to offering high quality products and services to fully satisfy the requirements of the customers with maximum responsibility for compliance with the legal requirements, health and safety at work and environmental protection; to build, enforce and retain as a sought after, reliable and preferred partner for our products and services.

Our mission is to provide our employees with a supportive and safe working environment where each employee is motivated to work motivated, flexible and focused on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, suppliers and society as a whole.

We strive to improve our performance by systematically planning and managing the processes of the company and their interaction. This allows us to think in the direction of identifying the risks and opportunities for our business, to plan their management and to achieve sustainable development with these actions.

Our goals will be achieved by maintaining and constantly improving the implemented and functioning Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. In this regard, the management of PROFI TRADE LTD undertakes:


with identification, monitoring and timely response to changes in the context of the organization, all external and internal issues related to quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety;
identifying, implementing, and periodically reviewing all requirements (customer and other stakeholders, standards, regulatory standards, own and perceived) applicable to the management and business system;
defining the risks and opportunities for the processes related to quality and environment management and planning the necessary measures for realization of positive and reducing negative impacts on the business and the environment;
with constant development and expansion of the products and services provided, anticipating and responding to the current trends in our activities;
to provide its products and services by continuously meeting the requirements of customers and all stakeholders, with guaranteed environmental and occupational health and safety, using the expertise and long-term experience of the company team;
with full satisfaction of our clients' needs, using the expertise and long-term experience of the company's team as well as other external specialists and subcontractors;
with continuous improvement of the processes of performance of the activity, the competence of the employees, the equipment used and the management system as a whole;
with environmental protection and pollution prevention through appropriate action on significant aspects, strict compliance with obligations, prudent and sustainable use of resources and others;
to limit and, if possible, not to allow harmful effects on the environment as a result of its activities (products and services);
continuously improve working conditions by minimizing the risks to staff and other stakeholders who may be at risk for health and safety related to the company's processes and services;
with the prevention of injuries and morbidity, the implementation of activities related to health and safety at work and the continuous improvement of the system;
with the annual setting of specific and measurable quality, environmental and health and safety objectives when conducting reviews by management;
by publicizing the current policy in the company and encouraging all involved in the implementation of our policy to implement this policy and the awareness of their personal contribution;
by disclosing and providing this policy to external stakeholders, where appropriate;
with the implementation and maintenance of this policy;
achieving efficiency and continuous improvement of the quality management system, health and safety at work and environmental performance, and its rigorous implementation in the performance and operation of its processes;
by conducting an annual review of the current policy, conducting the review by the management and if necessary.



As Manager of PROFI TRADE LTD,



personal involvement and commitment to maintain and continually improve the efficiency of the PROFI TRADING Management System and to implement the current quality, environment and health and safety policy.



Sofia city


Best regards,

Petko Chamov - CEO