• Profi Trade Ltd. is a leading company on the Bulgarian market for management consulting.

  • With our long-standing, successful approach, we help our clients choose and implement specific solutions to expand their markets.

  • The team of Profi Trade Ltd. consists of highly qualified specialists, participated and developed strategies in over 5,000 public procurement contracts amounting to BGN 450,000,000.


Our business philosophy consists of several rules:

The accumulated knowledge and experience of the team covers a wide range of management consulting in the field of public procurement, supporting the winning and managing of large public administration projects funded by operational programs.

If you need a profitable marketing strategy, business plan, and financial analysis, contact us;


What can we  do?

Our solutions are based on:

  • Building an effective strategy for winning a specific project, public procurement or case study;
  • Ability to generate new ideas to expand market influence;
  • Market analysis and building a strategy for winning and implementing projects;
  • Ability to generate ideas for solving problem cases;
  • Project management;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Market research;
  • Strategic marketing;

How do we achieve it?

  • Collecting the necessary information on problem cases;
  • Developing a strategy after studying the behavior and the customer's opinion on the specific case;
  • Convincing communication with the responsible persons through various communication techniques: personal meetings, official letters, telephone conversations, faxes, electronic communication, etc., as well as a media campaign to form a positive public opinion on the issue;
  • Access to foreground information (so-called "intelligence");
  • Define the key impact level;

Security and protection (encryption) of information.