Profi Trade Ltd.

     Profi Trade Ltd. is a leading company on the Bulgarian market for management consulting, helping its clients to improve their business success by introducing good commercial and management practices.


     With our years of experience, a successful approach and a flair for new initiatives, we help our clients to choose and implement specific solutions to expand their markets.


     We are highly qualified specialists who have gained their experience and knowledge in leading companies involved in developing and defining strategies in over 5,000 public procurement contracts amounting to BGN 450,000,000.

Our business philosophy consists of several rules
The services we offer integrate the most progressive management methods and solutions;
We create and enforce the use of the best standards and application of leading practices in the consulting business;
The employees of the organization are not employees but partners and creative personalities, experts in the areas of services we offer;
Our commitments are always respected.
The accumulated knowledge and experience of the team covers a wide range of management consulting in the field of public procurement, supporting the winning and managing of large public administration projects funded under operational programs.
In case you need a marketing strategy, business plan, financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, etc., contact us;